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faculty_nakanoOur research focuses on methodologies for designing sustainable innovation to apply to social and business system.
Beyond academic disciplines BE-lab is open to those who seek for collaboration with companies and overseas universities from the point of social economical and innovative view in large-scales.

Flying Car Research Laboratory

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Flying Car Lab researches system design of transportation, business, and aircraft, for 3D transportation using flying cars, with an aim to launch a start-up in the near future and propose relevant policies for the realization.

Research topics of Flying Car Lab include automatic traffic management system enabling high density flight in the future, market needs survey in and outside Japan, and feasibility study of the aircraft. We take a holistic approach for system optimization, by concurrently conducting above-mentioned studies.

We are actively collaborating with the industry, government and academia, and welcome students with specialties such as science, technology and economics.

About Us

Introductton to Business Engineering Lab.
Reasons for Studying at Business Engineering Lab.


A place where many people get together and can concentrate on doing research
Link to the map of “Kyouseikan Building” at Keio University’s Hiyoshi Campus


Environment to do research with non-working and working students from Japan and abroad


Collaboration projects with companies such as TOYOTA and Shimizu Corporation


Voice of Exchange students
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2009年8月から約4ヵ月間、Delft University of Technology(デルフト工科大学)のTechnology, Policy and Management研究科(TPM)に派遣交換留学生として留学しました。滞在中は、TPM内のエネルギー&インダストリーグループで、修士研究を継続する形で研究を行いました。留学生が6割を占める国際的な環境で、同じエネルギー問題を扱うメンバーとディスカッションした毎日は、発見や気づきの連続で視野が広がったと感じます。また、大学内外含め多くの先生方、学生、友人との出会いは何にも代え難い私の宝です。



野中朋美 Tomomi Nonaka

2010年9月から2010年3月にかけ、Politecnico di Milano(ミラノ工科大学)のManagement of Engineering Department に派遣交換留学生として留学して来ました。滞在の主な目的は授業を英語で受講し、修士研究の下地としての知識を身に付けることでした。 留学先では20ヵ国以上の留学生に囲まれ、英語およびイタリア語でのコミュニケーションを学びました。授業内でのプロジェクトやグループワークを通じて、国際的な感覚を養うと共に、自らの日本人としてのアイデンティティを感じることのできた体験でした。

留学中に得た学びやそこでの友人は、自身の視野を世界に向けるきっかけとなり、今後の人生に重大な影響を与える経験であったと感じています。 また、不安要素の多い留学生活でしたがイタリアの風土や文化に助けられ、大きな事故もなく帰ってくることが出来ました。このような機会を与えてくださった、中野先生とSDM研究科に深く感謝すると共に、次の学年に向けて留学のプログラムを進めていければと思います。

吉永 敦

n 2010 I spent five unforgettable months at the Business Engineering Laboratory (leaded by Prof. Nakano) in the Graduate School of System Design and Management of Keio University. During my visiting period I had the opportunity to get in contact with advanced Japanese technologies and knowledge in the domain of energy efficiency in manufacturing. With the support of Prof. Nakano, I also visited several companies and research centers that are working on energy efficiency and I discussed my research activity with professors, industrial experts and students. I will never forget my visiting period not only from the research viewpoint; in fact, during these five months I also enjoyed a lot discovering Japanese culture and way of life, spending great time with new friends inside and outside SDM. Thanks to this period, I had the chance to learn something about this beautiful country and to discover new points of view about work, research, and generally about life. I’ve really appreciated this experience and I consider it as an immeasurable value for both my professional and personal development. This is why I hope that other (Italian, but not only) students will enjoy a similar experience.

Alessandro Cannata


2021 Spring Graduates

Master (7): Eriko Okamura Yuka Fukui Yasushi Ota Kazuko Kakinuma Daiki Hitsuji Keisuke Ishizumi Takashi Sugita Master thesis Eriko Okamura Development of a Career Choice Experience Game to Promote the Improvement of Career Awareness for High School Students   Yuka Fukui Issue of Realizing Telework Society Causing Regional Revitalization and Government Project Suggestions  ...

2020 Autumn Graduates

Master (2): Muhammad Arif Mulya Patrisha Armie W. Bas Master thesis Muhammad Arif Mulya Understanding the Causes of Errors in the Tax Receivable Administration in Indonesia Patrisha Armie W. Bas Potential of Flying Cars in the Southeast Asian Market through Demand Estimation and Evaluation of Stakeholder Perceptions

2020 Spring Graduates

Doctor(1): Yutaka Shimizu Master(5): Katsuyo Nakao Hirohito Nakayama Miki ITO Kozo Unno Hiroki Endo Doctor thesis Yutaka Shimizu Changes inEnergy Security Level due to the Fukushima Nuvlear Power Plant Accident and Research on Evaluation Indicators Master thesis Katsuyo Nakao Development of a Business Game to Encourage ”Efficient Growth” of SMEs Hirohito Nakayama Development of...

2019 Autumn Graduates

Master (5): Pawnlada Payuhavorakulchai Karen L. Ybañez Johanes Julio Budiman Ouri Imene Kousuke Nakamura Master thesis Pawnlada Payuhavorakulchai Cost Analysis of eVTOL Configuration Design for Air Ambulance in Japan Karen L. Ybañez Estimating the Environmental, Social, and Economic Impacts of Ride-Hailing Services in Metro Manila Johanes Julio Budiman Design of the Numbers of Vertiports...

2019 Spring Graduates

Doctor(1): Keita Ishizaki Master (5): Wan-Ling Clarissa Ko Takuya HANYU Tatsuya Egi Yusuke Mihara Yingying Xu Doctor thesis Keita Ishizaki Forecasting Life Cycle CO2 Emissions of Passenger Vehicles and Needs for Automotive Lubricants Considering Vehicle Use Environment in Japan Master thesis Wan-Ling Clarissa Ko Evaluating Japanese Hospitals’ Approach to Lean Healthcare Takuya HANYU Research...

2018 Spring Graduates

Master (4): ・ Haruhito Wakasugi ・ Keita Ishizaki ・Manami Fukura ・Noritaka Momiyama Master’s Dissertation Haruhito Wakasugi Exploring the Management Factors of Survival Small and Medium Size Manufacturing Enterprise in Ota Ward, Tokyo. Keita Ishizaki Trends of Automotive Industry and Needs for Automotive Lubricants Toward 2030 from the Viewpoint of Life Cycle CO2 Emissions Reduction...

2017 Autumn Graduates

Master(2) ・Yang Yuqing ・Daniel Daum Doctor(3) ・Kamila Romeijko ・Takeomi Imani ・Jun Osawa Master Thesis Yang Yuqing An Analysis on Causes of Japan’s economic stagnation by Baumol’s Disease and Macroeconomic Growth Model Daniel Daum Identifying Factors to Improve Real-Time Collaboration in High-Rise Construction Doctoral Dissertation Kamila Romeijko Sustainability Analysis of Alternative Fuel Vehicles by using...

Current Students

Master Students   (2nd year Master’s students) ・Yusuke Mihara System Optimization of Flying Cars’ Airframe in Case of Air Ambulance ・Wan-Ling Clarissa Ko Evaluating Japanese Hospitals’ Approach to Lean Healthcare ・XU Yingying An Economic and Environmental Evaluation Model for Existing Houses with Energy-Saving Upgrade in Different Regions of Japan ・Takuya Hanyu Research on Factors...

2017 Spring Graduates

Master (8): ・Yumi Kiyono ・Elham Zarei Farkoosh ・Kazuhiko Shinoda ・Bassam Shaikh ・Hiromichi Takahashi ・Hiroaki Nakagi ・Kasai Nishiyama ・Koichi Hommura ・Maiko Yokokawa