Other themes


Business Engineering Lab’s research themes include food (ex. agriculture, and food safety), and social life (ex. health, childcare, and schools).


1 Agriculture

other1Business Engineering Lab researches sustainable agriculture systems.

2 Food safety

other2Business Engineering Lab researches safe distribution of foods, and food disposal.

3 Health

other3Business Engineering Lab researches human health.


Examples of Related Research

・Hitoshi Sakai
Systems Engineering Approach for Enhancement of Local City Attractiveness in Japan
・Ayyoub Loultiti
 Resilient Supply Network Structure Design for Fresh Produce
・Xinru Huang
The issue of Effect Evaluation on Chinese Air Pollution Problem and Technology Transfer from Japan to China
・Hiroko Sugiyama
System Design of Mutual-Help Collective Housings in A Declining Birthrate Society
・Wan Yu
Marketing Strategy for Safe and Secure Fresh-Food Supermarkets in Chinese Cities
・Mizuho Sato
Studies on the reduction of food waste in the Food industry especially in the food supermarket
・Shigeo Suziki
Design of Policies for Reconstruction of Housing in Districts Suffered from Tsunami




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