Business games


Business Engineering Lab researches games to solve various social issues.

Social & Business Game Laboratory, lead by Professor Nakano, undertakes various activities using social and business games, which include enhancing collaboration and competitiveness, and creating plans. Social and business games can be applicable to a variety of areas such as psychology, economics, political science and sociology, as an education/training tool or a planning tool.


1 Human resource development games

game2Human resource development games are supply chain game, getting the players to understand Quality (Q), Cost (C), and Delivery (D) by running a manufacturing company. The game aims to improve QCD as a whole through team decisions.

2 Supply chain games

game3Supply chain games get the players to understand structures’ influences in supply chain management

3 Social games

game4Trade game gets the players to have a better understanding issues incurred by free trade and economic globalization through a simulated experience of world trade.

4 Business games


Social games get the players to learn business strategies through running a bakery and camera store.

5 Product design games


Product designs games get the players to learn, through designing and manufacturing products, the importance of product design that meets the demand

Social & Business Game Laboratory

Social & Business Game Lab’s poster

  • 2014

    Gaming class in collaboration with ETH and MIT

  • 2015

    Business game training in the US


Game types

  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Computer games
  • Roll playing games

Key words

  • Gaming
  • Gamification
  • Serious game
  • Supply management game


  • Food disposal games
  • Sustainable supply chain management games
  • Project management games


  • Education
  • Human resource development games
  • Social games
  • Business games
  • Prof. Masaru Nakano
  • Prof. Kenichi Takano
  • Assistant Prof. Mizuho Sato
  • Assistant Prof. Takayuki Tomaru


Examples of Business/Social Game-Related Research

・Hitoshi Sakai
Systems Engineering Approach for Enhancement of Local City Attractiveness in Japan
・Hongsheng Luo
A Closed-Loop Supply Chain Game for the Personal Computer in China
・Yoshiyuki Sugiyama
Open Business Model for Japanese Manufacturing SMEs
・Ayyoub Loultiti
 Resilient Supply Network Structure Design for Fresh Produce
・Osamu Aranami
A Study on Consumers' Behavior Affected by Word-of-Mouth on Social Media
・Xinru Huang
The issue of Effect Evaluation on Chinese Air Pollution Problem and Technology Transfer from Japan to China
・Shanrong SHU
Optimization of Automobile Sales Portfolio under New Environmental Policy in China
・John Roland Tainton
A Study on Extreme Events in Global Supply Chains- The Diffusion and Secondary Effects of Disasters on Economies and Trade 
・Takayuki Tomaru
The Quality Verification Process and Design Change Management for Components Replacement in Case of End of Life
・Hiroko Sugiyama
System Design of Mutual-Help Collective Housings in A Declining Birthrate Society
・Wan Yu
Marketing Strategy for Safe and Secure Fresh-Food Supermarkets in Chinese Cities
・Mizuho Sato
Studies on the reduction of food waste in the Food industry especially in the food supermarket
・Shigeo Suziki
Design of Policies for Reconstruction of Housing in Districts Suffered from Tsunami
・Hsiao, Hung-Chi
Analysis on Changes of Semiconductor Industry Structure Influenced by Business Model Innovations
・Taro Okamura
Qualitative Study on Competitiveness Factors of Switzerland
・Xiaoxiang LU
An Integrated Qualitative and Quantitative Approach to Make a Marketing Strategy for China’s Premium Car Market
・Masashi Okada
A study of Technological Management of National Projects Focusing on Value Transmission
・Tomotaka Okutsu
System Design of On-Demand Aviation Service
・Miki Ito
Design and Evaluation of adapting-to-social change working style in 2030
・Katsuyo Nakao
Validation of the Effectiveness of a Business Game to Energize Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Japan
・Hiromichi TAKAHASHI
A Social-Technical Game to Simulate Supply Chain Manager's Behaviors Aiming at Local and Global Optimization
・Hiromichi Takahashi
An Educational Game for Managing Conflict of Key Performance Indicators of Supply Chains 
・Shaikh Bassam Essam
A:Developing Educational Game Which Prevents Children from Video Game Addiction
・Victor Alonso Cuesta Aguiar
Development of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Games




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