Marketing / Global Product Value Creation


Creating various industrial-government-academia networks, Business Engineering Lab researches development of optimized business models based on consumer behavior analysis, in addition to social systems, and new global business models through value creation.


1 Marketing

Business Engineering Lab proposes optimized business models and social systems based on consumer behavior analysis, using the lab’s collaboration research networks with companies (ex. automobile industry) and universities inside and outside Japan.

2 Product/Value creation

Collaborating with various professional from industry, government and academia, Business Engineering Lab researches corporate system design with an aim to create new business models through globalization, and product/value creation. The approach is likely to enhance the global competitiveness of Japanese manufacturing, altering the domestic orientation in manufacturing and elemental technology orientation.


Global Product Value Creation Research Laboratory (Trans-domain research laboratory)

Global Product Value Creation Research Lab’s poster

  • Innovation obstacles for Japanese companies
  • Cases of small-to-medium-sized manufacturing companies’ global business development
  • Three factors for small-to-medium-sized manufacturing companies’ survival
  • Business creation through utilizing intellectual properties of other companies
  • Differences in new business creation between Japanese and American companies
  • Steve Jobs new business creation, which Japanese management should learn
  • Investment cases of Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ)
  • Global education of Yonsei University
  • Others



Sep. 11, 2018: Symposium “Successful Utilization of AI/IoT with an Aim to Create Start-ups Going beyond Amazon, Google and Apple!


Examples of Marketing/Global Product Value Creation-Related Research

・Hitoshi Sakai
Systems Engineering Approach for Enhancement of Local City Attractiveness in Japan
・Hongsheng Luo
A Closed-Loop Supply Chain Game for the Personal Computer in China
・Yoshiyuki Sugiyama
Open Business Model for Japanese Manufacturing SMEs
・Ayyoub Loultiti
 Resilient Supply Network Structure Design for Fresh Produce
・Osamu Aranami
A Study on Consumers' Behavior Affected by Word-of-Mouth on Social Media
・Xinru Huang
The issue of Effect Evaluation on Chinese Air Pollution Problem and Technology Transfer from Japan to China
・Shanrong SHU
Optimization of Automobile Sales Portfolio under New Environmental Policy in China
・John Roland Tainton
A Study on Extreme Events in Global Supply Chains- The Diffusion and Secondary Effects of Disasters on Economies and Trade 
・Takayuki Tomaru
The Quality Verification Process and Design Change Management for Components Replacement in Case of End of Life
・Hiroko Sugiyama
System Design of Mutual-Help Collective Housings in A Declining Birthrate Society
・Wan Yu
Marketing Strategy for Safe and Secure Fresh-Food Supermarkets in Chinese Cities
・Mizuho Sato
Studies on the reduction of food waste in the Food industry especially in the food supermarket
・Shigeo Suziki
Design of Policies for Reconstruction of Housing in Districts Suffered from Tsunami
・Hsiao, Hung-Chi
Analysis on Changes of Semiconductor Industry Structure Influenced by Business Model Innovations
・Taro Okamura
Qualitative Study on Competitiveness Factors of Switzerland
・Xiaoxiang LU
An Integrated Qualitative and Quantitative Approach to Make a Marketing Strategy for China’s Premium Car Market
・Masashi Okada
A study of Technological Management of National Projects Focusing on Value Transmission
・Tomotaka Okutsu
System Design of On-Demand Aviation Service
・Wan-Ling Clarissa Ko
Evaluating Japanese Hospitals’ Approach to Lean Healthcare
・Takuya HANYU
Research on Factors that Affect the Job Retention and Turnover Intention of Young Employees in Japanese Companies
・Imene Ouri
A simulation of the Effect of Lean Industry 4.0 on the Supply Chain Management Based on Cost and Time
・Maiko Yokokawa
Social and Economic Value of Japanese Traditional Crafts
・Noriaki Nishiyama
A Case Study on Crop Substitution  to Effectively Use a Mandarin Cultivation Abandonment Ground
・Xinhai Shu
Proposal for Transferring Technology Related to Rainwater Storage Facilities from Japan to China as a Commercial Business
A Comparison of Thai and Japanese Consumer’s Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Online Shopping
・David Chew Vee Kuan
Business Dynamics Evaluation of Battery Swapping in Electric Vehicle Systems
・Sopachote Natnaree
Study of K-pop Success Factors by Analyzing Fan Behaviors
・Haruhito Wakasugi
Exploring the Management Factors of Survival Small and Medium Size Manufacturing Enterprise in Ota Ward, Tokyo.
An Analysis on Causes of Japan’s economic stagnation by Baumol’s Disease and Macroeconomic Growth Model
・Elham Zarei
Farkoosh A comparitive study on LCA of organic and conventional wheat production
・Maiko Yokokawa
Social and Economic Value of Japanese Traditional Crafts
・Hiroki Endo
Energy Saving Analysis and Simulation of Customer Behavior Related to “Altruistic Energy Saving"
・Kozo Unno
Future mobility services by utilizing “flying car” for Local revitalization




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