Current Students

Master Students


(2nd year Master’s students)

・Yusuke Mihara
System Optimization of Flying Cars’ Airframe in Case of Air Ambulance
・Wan-Ling Clarissa Ko
Evaluating Japanese Hospitals’ Approach to Lean Healthcare
・XU Yingying
An Economic and Environmental Evaluation Model for Existing Houses with Energy-Saving Upgrade in Different Regions of Japan
・Takuya Hanyu
Research on Factors that Affect the Job Retention and Turnover Intention of Young Employees in Japanese Companies
・Tatsuya Egi
・Imene Ouri
A simulation of the Effect of Lean Industry 4.0 on the Supply Chain Management Based on Cost and Time
・Julio Budiman
Design of a Collision Avoidance System in Three-Dimensional Space for Flying Cars
・Karen Ybañez
Modeling Commuter Behavior and Attitudes to Encourage Modal Shift to Shared and Public Transport in Metro Manila
Process of Configuration Design by Systems Engineering Approach and Cost Estimation for Autonomous Air Ambulance

(1st year Master’s students)

・Miki Ito
Design and Evaluation of adapting-to-social change working style in 2030
・Hiroki Endo
Energy Saving Analysis and Simulation of Customer Behavior Related to “Altruistic Energy Saving”
・Kozo Unno
Future mobility services by utilizing “flying car” for Local revitalization
・Atsushi Iwamura
Atsushi Iwamura: A study to adopt flying car to an emergency medical mobility – Architecture Design –
・Hirohito Nakayama
Issues and proposals for promoting the popularity of Individual number cards system
・Katsuyo Nakao
Validation of the Effectiveness of a Business Game to Energize Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Japan

Doctor Students

・Hiromichi Takahashi
A Social-Technical Game to Simulate Supply Chain Manager’s Behaviors Aiming at Local and Global Optimization
・Hitoshi Mizutani
・Keita Ishizaki
Trends of Automotive Industry and Needs for Automotive Lubricants Toward 2030from the Viewpoint of Life Cycle CO2 Emissions Reduction
・Yutaka Shimizu
・Kenji Go
Research for Optimization Model of Electricity Power plant