Milano University of Technology / Atsushi Yoshinaga

During Fall Semester of 2010,(September from March)I had been in Politecnico di Milano as an exchange student. The main Purpose of this exchange program was to gain knowledge for basement of a research on master thesis. Surrounding student who from over 20 numbers of countries in this university was big advantage of this program. And these environments help me to learn how to communicate in both English and Italian. I made an identity as one Japanese through many activities, is offered in a class as a group project and discussion. The knowledge, those experience and friends made me a big chance to see the world. And it really affects on me. Lastly, there were many anxious and unclear issues in this program. However, Italian culture and people who met in Italy help me in many ways. Thanks of them, I was having no problems during this exchange program. I really appreciate Prof Nakano and SDM department to give me this opportunity. To recommend this program for next student must be my expression of those. Great sincere.