Delft University of Technology / Tomomi Nonaka

I was part of the Energy & Industry Group in the Faculty of TPM at Delft University of Technology, where I continued to work on my masters’ research. It was a very cosmopolitan environment, with exchange students accounting about 60% of the total. My days were filled with discussions with other members researching energy issues, and they produced a series of discoveries and insights that broadened my perspectives. I will always treasure the acquaintances I made with teachers, students and friends inside and outside of the university. There were many surprises just in ordinary, day-to-day life. I learned that the systems and customs we take for granted in Japan may be completely different in other parts of the world. I was taught much values and views on life by my friends. I would like to express my deep gratitude to SDM for giving me this opportunity, and I recommend that new students will take advantage of this excellent exchange program.