2020 Autumn Graduates

Master (2): Muhammad Arif Mulya Patrisha Armie W. Bas Master thesis Muhammad Arif Mulya Understanding the Causes of Errors in the Tax Receivable Administration in Indonesia Patrisha Armie W. Bas Potential of Flying Cars in the Southeast Asian Market through Demand Estimation and Evaluation of Stakeholder Perceptions

2020 Spring Graduates

Doctor(1): Yutaka Shimizu Master(5): Katsuyo Nakao Hirohito Nakayama Miki ITO Kozo Unno Hiroki Endo Doctor thesis Yutaka Shimizu Changes inEnergy Security Level due to the Fukushima Nuvlear Power Plant Accident and Research on Evaluation Indicators Master thesis Katsuyo Nakao Development of a Business Game to Encourage ”Efficient Growth” of SMEs Hirohito Nakayama Development of...