Milano University of Technology / Akiko Ishikawa

I participated in an exchange programme between SDM and Politechnico di Milano (Milano University of Technology) in 2011 and studied in the master course of Management Engineering. It was cosmopolitan there; Over 80 percent are international students in the course, who came from countries of South America, Turkey, Iran, Russia and so on. At first I felt a bit of confusion at communication with students who have different experience and have lived in different culture. Through several group works in lectures, I learned how to deal with such difference and gradually I came to enjoy collaboration with them.
As for language, English is common at campus while it is not in everyday life. The university offers courses of Italian language. It is good opportunity to learn Italian besides English, and that is an advantage to study at non English-speaking countries.
I appreciate SDM and supportive people giving me the opportunity of this programme.